Windows 11 Officially Unveiled By Microsoft

by Escay

Microsoft has officially unveiled Windows 11 at their Windows Event, ending months of anticipation from fans and the entire tech world. Windows 11 is the net major upgrade to Microsoft’s operating system since windows 10 was released in 2015.

The new operating system has significantly improved user interface proving what has been rumored for several months as a graphical overhaul for the operating system. Leaked photos of Windows 11 have been circulating the internet for several months showing a smooth UI.

Windows 11 Features

Windows 11 has added several new features to the Windows and also changed the old ones in new ways. Among the most vibrant visual changes is the start, this has been moved the center of the taskbar. The default icons have also moved to the center of the taskbar. Visibly missing is the Cortana button from the taskbar

Microsoft has also introduced rounded corners on windows and icons returned transparency to windows, looking a bit like windows seven transparent effects. Other UI changes the removal of lie tiles and a smoother action center.

Windows 11 has also introduced Game Pass, a new game subscription service that Microsoft introduced to Xbox recently. The Xbox and Microsoft Teams Apps are also inbuilt

Watch Windows 11 Official Introduction

Windows 11 Introduction

Watch The Microsoft Windows Event 2021

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