Why Tecno And Infinix Are Avoiding 5G Phones

by Escay
Tecno-Camon-15 Infinix-NOTE-7

While almost every smartphone maker is releasing 5G capable phones now, one would wonder why the Chinese mid-range phone makers Tecno and Infinix are still shy of the technology.

While some big names like Samsung and Huawei jumped onto the 5G technology as early as 2020, some are still steering clear of 5G, 2 years later. Among the most notable name are Tecno and Infinix. Even their latest phones in Q2 2021 and those expected in Q3 2021, their have remained deliberately mute about 5G.

5G Chipsets Prices

5G chipsets have been here long enough to gain trust, even if those companies’ strategies were to not rush into the new tech. 5G is way past the trial phase and confidence is actually high. The other factor delaying 5G adoption would be the cost of chips. This however is not much of a problem because we have seen some affordable 5G phones coming out from Realme, Xiaomi and Redmi. This shouldn’t be an excuse anymore.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus chip, announced at MWC 2021

Qualcomm just announced a new update, kind of second gen 5G chips, the Spandragon 888 Pus 5G chipset. This means the Spandragon 888 becomes even more affordable. But Tecno and Infinix have yet make any announcement regarding 5G at all. One can just assume that even the Q4 2021, Tecno fans will not have a test of the 5G.

The Tecno And Infinix Target Markets Of Africa And South Asia

Tecno and Infinix both have Africa and south Asia as their primary markets. Its understandable however that most mobile network operators there haven’t considered 5G yet either. In fact, most of them are currently rolling out 4G LTE today, meaning it will be at least 5 years before they think of investing in exponentially more expensive 5 networks. There are very few countries that have a full 4G coverage countrywide. 3G is still the norm in many areas.

Infinix Note 10 Pro – 4G LTE phone, released in June 2021

Mid-range phone makers, especially those that target Africa and south Asian markets may have made strategic decisions to avoid 5G for at least another half a decade. This may seem like they are missing out on a tech but it might be a smart decision and a financially fruitful one. For starters, 4G chips are now cheaper and are going to get even much cheaper in the next few years. Meanwhile you have a market of over a billion people that are going to be excited to have their first 4G LTE device. This is going to be the norm in for at least 5 years to come since some networks are planning 4G roll out till 2025. That’s when 4G coverage will reach 80% in some African countries.

Cash Cow Low-End Phones

Tecno and Infinix are currently enjoying low-end and mid-level smartphone markets with their wide range of smartphone options. They have smartphones ranging from roughly USD $54 all the way up. These are darling in third world smartphone markets and are sold in millions.

When everyone else is trying to make 5G smartphone, we now know why Tecno and Infinix seem to be caring very less, despite some calls from their fans. They are just comfortable with 4G LTE and are likely to remain like that for at least a few more years.

Tecno Pantom X
Tecno Pantom X – 4G LTE Phone, released in July 2021

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