Whats New In Windows 11: 13 Key Features

by Escay
Windows 11

Microsoft officially unveiled the latest version of the Windows operating system – Windows 1, on June 24 2021. Now lets take a look at the key new features Windows 11 has here in detail.

1. Windows Widgets

Microsoft has introduced Windows Widget is in Windows 11. These look more like the widgets we know on our smartphones and tablets, or the long gone Windows seven, except these a smoother and smart. The Widgets are driven by AI to provide a constant stream of updates from all sources. From alarms to updates on social media and to do lists widgets will show you care about, all from what the AI learns about you.

The new Windows 11 Widgets

2. Voice Typing and Command

Windows has brought enhanced voice command this time in Windows 11. Smooth and accurate voice typing, thanks to the natural language feature added to Windows. The advanced AI can listen to voice, convert it to text while still recognizing commands to do other things. You can be typing for example, and tell the AI to delete the last sentence or close the typing app.

3. Inbuilt Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now inbuilt and you get a dedicated Teams button on the taskbar by default. With a single click or tap, you get to connect to all your saved contacts, weather they are using Windows, Android or iOS.

Microsoft Teams chat in Windows 11

4. Windows Desktops

Among the new things in Windows 11 is the Desktops feature. Windows 11 will let you ad and customize desktops, more like itis in Linux. Just create a desktop for each category of tasks you perform. You can have work, school, gaming and others with each one having icons or shortcuts unique to you categories as you choose them.

5. Microsoft Store Improved

Micros has been promising to revamp the its store for some years now. In the new Windows 11, they have done just that. The store is quicker and broader. It has a redesigned interface and apps install quicker.

6. Android Apps Support

One of the most amazing new features in Windows is support for Android Apps. You will be able to get all your favorite apps natively supported in Windows. This has come has result of Intel Bridge technology, a joint effort that Intel has worked on with Microsoft enable this cool cross-platform support. Just go to the Amazon App Store and get all your favorite Android apps and they will run without a glitch. WhatsApp, Tik Tok, and all others tested were all showing a smooth and stable experience.

Amazon app store on Windows 11 providing Android apps on Windows

7. Xbox App & Game Pass

Microsoft is really merging the PC and Xbox. For gamers, it will feel like moving from the Xbox to the PC and back gives a degree of continuity. The new GamePass feature that has been exclusive to Xbox has now come to Windows 11. You will be able to launch the Xbox app and launch your gaming right away as you would on Xbox. Things get even better If you are logged to you Game Pass account. Your paused and saved games on Xbox will be continued on PC and the other way round.

The Xbox GameePass view in Windows 11

8. Snap Layouts

Windows split windows have gotten even better. They are now called Snap layouts. Now, rather than auto fitting like before, multiple windows on the desktop will give you options on how you want to fit them, more like resizable tiles. You can choose which layout of windows you want and your open windows will be distributed and fit onto your desktop according to this layout. The windows get neatly fit into the layout template, giving you a neat desktop.

9. Start Menu Moved To Center

The start menu has moved to the center of the taskbar. It pops in the middle, just above the start button on the desktop but its detached from taskbar. Microsoft said it’s because ‘’they are focusing on you and want you to be the center of everything’’, literally. The start button and the default task bar icons are all in the center of the taskbar.

The Windows 11 centered Start Menu

10. No Live Tiles

Yes the live tiles are gone! Microsoft got rid of these in favor of a more focused start menu. It still has your most used apps and recommended apps and/or files. You can open your recent files room the start menu, which now pops up in the center.

11. New Settings App Interface

The Windows settings app has got a facelift. Apart from the Light or Dark themes, it now has a smoother and transparent look and feel. The settings categories have also been reorganized. Instead settings categories grouped in a grid. The categories are now arranged horizontally in rows with dividers running in-between them.

The Windows 11 Setting App

12. New Logo, Rounded Corners

The Windows logo has changed! Windows 11 Logo is a flat four-square aligned properly to form a perfect cross in the middle. This is slightly different from the previous Windows logo of tilted rectangles. The four squares also have slightly rounded outer corners doing away with the sharp corners of the previous logo.

Windows 11 icons, rounded corners on windows

13. New Themes, Ions & Start Sound

Windows 11 has got a set of brand-new themes and icons to complement the new graphical UI. The themes include both dark and light ones with accompanying wallpapers on each theme. Some have got 3d animated wallpapers. These are accompanied by a new futuristic start sound.

A screenshot of Windows 11 showing theme options

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