Sony Announces Its AirPeak S1 Professional Drone Costing $9,000

by Escay
Sony AirPeak S1 Drone

Sony has just officially announced a professional drone, the AirPeak S1 that they teased at the just concluded CES in January 2021. The drones comes with the professional Sony Camera, A7S as, seen in the picture and details on Sony’s website, and the price tag of $9,000 seems to targeting professional videographers.

The Sony AirPeak S1 Drone with a Sony A7S Camera with a 24mm lens attached. Photo: Sony

As the move to mirror less camera continues on, the drone is set to use one of those. The AirPeak S1 one drone from the first looks doesn’t look like an entry level drone as the fierce looking Sony A7S known for its sharp pictures on the ground has now taken to the sky for

The full drone specification are on the Sony website here but it shutters most industry records that were available on similar drones.

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