Realme Teases Its First Laptop, Launch In India

by Escay
Realme Building, India

Realme, the Chinese renowned smartphone maker known for futuristic smartphone designs is into the the laptop market. A Realme laptop has been teased and we are likely to see a launch soon in INDIA.

The Company’s CEO Madhav Sheth, in a classic Steve Jobs (RIP) style back in 2008 with the MacBook Air, post a teaser image of what appeared to be laptop in a paper bag with only part of it visible outside. This came with a geeky message in ones and zeros and asked his followers and Realme fans to decode the message to know the name of the new and soon to be launched product.

Realme Competitors In India and China

Realme, a mid-level smartphone brand is facing a rather fierce competition from players like RedMi who enjoy a sizable share of the mid-range smartphone market locally in China and are expanding into other West Asia and European markets. The launch of laptops could be another chance for Realme to reassert itself and assure its niche following that it has more to offer than just smartphone.

The laptop has been teased to launch in India by the company CEO Madhav Sheth on Twitter. In a style that reminds us of how Steve Jobs unveiled the first-generation MacBook Air back in 2008, Sheth has posted an image that appears to offer a glimpse of the first Realme laptop from a paper bag. The Chinese company seems to be working on its laptops for some time. The new venture could once again bring Realme up against Xiaomi that is offering its laptops under the Xiaomi and Redmi brands in China and other Asian markets including India.

01001000B 01100101B 01101100B 01101100B 01101111B 00100000B 01010111B 01101111B 01110010B 01101100B 01100100B 00100001B 00000000B #realme new product category has a message for you! Can you decode it & guess the product name that will add up to your #TechLife?

@MadhavSheth1 – ON Twitter

Madhav Sheth is Realme’s CEO for India and Europe and his teaser has already sent the Realme fans into eager moods to see what is in store for them. Xiaomi and Redmi both have laptop lines and a tight grip on the Indian market and the road ahead for Realme may not be a piece of cake.

Realme upcoming laptop
The upcoming Realme laptop revealed by CEO on Twitter – June 9, 2021

The teased laptop appeared to have a MacBook-like finish and a sleek design fro the only visible parts. By the time of this writing, nothing about the name or specs of the laptop had been known. But NoxxTek will keep the ears on ground and if anything is heard, you will all here be the first to know.

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