Qualcomm Announces Spandragon 888 Plus With 3 GHz CPU And Better AI Engine

by Escay

Chipset giant Qualcomm has announced upgrades to its best mobile phone chip currently, the 5G-cappable Qualcomm Spandragon 888 at the MWC 2021 in Barcelona. The new chip, named Spandragon 888 Plus will have CPU speeds of up to 3 GHz.

The Spandragon 888 Pus system-on-chip will feature Qualcomm’s powerful 64-bit Kryo 680 CPU improved from 2.84 GHz to 2.995 GHz. The CPU clock speed is deliberately rounded up to 3GHz in by Qualcomm, for marketing.

The chip will also feature Qualcomm’s sixth-gen AI engine, Hexagon 780 capable of 32 trillion operations per second (TOPS).

The new Spandragon 888 Plus is expected to appear in mobile devices that will come in Q3 2021 and beyond and among the early birds is Honor, who has already announced that its upcoming devices will feature the 888 plus chip.

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