Nokia Rumored To Have A New Flagship Phone Ready By November 11

by Escay
Nokia 10 PureView

Nokia is said to having a secretly built flagship phone and successor to the beloved Nokia 9 PureView, and it ready for launch as early as November 11. The flagship could reportedly possibly be the Nokia 10, putting and to over two years of waiting since the Nokia 9 was released in March 2019.

This rumor originated from Chinese technology website IT Home, which claims to have heard it from a senior executive the Nokia’s parent company HMD Global.

The interesting part in this vivid rumor is the date of November 11! In China, this is a date of massive shopping and it would make sense if it the target to have a phone on market. Nokia is also know to enjoying a comfortable love amongst the Chinese, especial adults in their 40-60s.

The Nokia 9 PureView, released in March 2019

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